Why the Fiji Spirit Gathering?

Yoga teacher Mark Whitwell first came to Taveuni, Fiji, in 2007 and fell in love with the people, culture and land. Since then, Mark has hosted his annual Heart of Yoga Retreat and Teacher Trainings here. During the past decade, the Heart of Yoga community have developed profound friendships with our Fijian friends and participants who come from around the world to share in this experience. The idea of the Fiji Spirit Gathering is a natural extension of our evolving friendships.

Our relationship with local leaders: During the past decade, we have become friends with the tribal chiefs, community members and businesses. It is because of them that our annual retreats and trainings continue to thrive. When considering this year’s event, we received the approval of all seven villages’ chiefs to use the Chiefs' Meeting Hall in Somosomo. This is a huge honor! We are humbled by this and recognize that the strength of our mission comes from working with the local community.

Philosophy: We believe that through friendships and education, we uplift and support each other. Through the universe languages of yoga, music and food we can communicate across social boundaries to build powerful exchanges that will form a lasting community that will help improve living conditions around the world.

Ethos: Modern cultures need to integrate indigenous wisdom to develop truly sustainable, life-enhancing practices. We understand that our cultural exchanges give us new perspectives for leading meaningful, joyful lives. Now we want to go deeper and create a new paradigm for our global community by moving beyond social and cultural limitations.

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